Advertising with CACBT

At CACBT we are thrilled to provide opportunities for advertising to benefit our members and the CBT community.

CACBT is proud to be able to share information (such as paid workshops, courses, general services for members) through various methods:

1. CACBT Newsletter

CACBT Newsletters are published twice a year and delivered to all our members and a broader community via List serve and various social media channels. It includes a range of articles in the mental health areas and relevant news pertaining to CBT. You can choose the size of advert, from quarter, half or a full page. We also add each issue to our website. 


2. Direct Email

We offer a bulk email service to advertisers, where we can send your advertisement to the inbox of our members.


3. Website

Posting training opportunities on our website under CBT Training section.

Advertising Policy:

  1. CACBT-ACTCC reserves the right to decline any type of advertising that is damaging to the organization.
  2. Advertisements may not be deceptive or misleading, and must be verifiable.
  3. Advertisements should clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service being offered. Exaggerated or extravagantly worded copy will not be allowed.
  4. Advertisements will not be accepted if they appear to be indecent or offensive in either text or artwork, or if they relate to content of a personal, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, or religious nature. 

CACBT Members & List serve

If you are a CACBT member, you will have the benefit to post on List serve (no additional charge) in the following areas: 

  • Workshops that you facilitate
  • Educational materials
  • Job postings
  • Postdoc opportunities

We will not be accepting advertisements or posting for specific clinical services.

Contact us

To find out more about our advertising opportunities, please email or download our Rate Card.