Upcoming Certification Changes

In January 2020, the CACBT Board of Directors approved the formation of a Task Force to review CACBT’s certification requirements. This was in response to recent changes in the landscape surrounding certification (e.g., the advent of the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program, similar undertakings in other provinces), research emphasizing the role of supervision in attaining competence in CBT, and an identified need to standardize CACBT’s current certification process. The Task Force, which was comprised of current and previous members of the Board and other certified CACBT members with expert knowledge in CBT, met 11 times between April 2020 and April 2021. Multiple recommendations were made to revise CACBT’s current certification goals and processes. These recommendations include the following: developing a process for certifying courses and workshops; making and publishing (on the website) a list of certified CACBT members who provide consultation; revising the training requirements to limit passive forms of learning; requiring consultation to become certified; asking referees to provide specific information about an applicant’s skills; and the development of an appeal process. The implementation of these recommendations will standardize and equalize the certification process, reduce the burden on the Certification Chair and reviewers of the first stage of the application process, and bring CACBT’s certification requirements and processes to the forefront of the field.

View Certification Task Force Report - June 9, 2021