2015 Calgary - 5th Annual Conference


CACBT-ACTCC hosted the 5th Annual Conference, which took place at University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta on May 7-9, 2015.

This was a very successful conference as we had a full schedule of workshops, keynote addresses, symposia, our annual General Meeting and we celebrated our fifth anniversary with all five presidents of CACBT-ACTCC in attendance. Dr. Colleen Carney provided our first public address called “A Recipe for Good Sleep”, which was well attended and very well received by the audience. Other speakers included: Keith Dobson, Alexander Chapman, Karen Rowa, Randi McCabe, Barbara Backs-Dermott, David Hodgins, Heather Hadjistavropoulos, David Moscovitch, and Sanjay Rao.

In 2015 our Poster Awards were introduced and we began the induction of CACBT-ACTCC Fellows. A Fellow of CACBT is an active member of the organization who has made a distinguished contribution to the science, practice, training and/or advocacy of cognitive and/or behavioural therapies within the Canadian context.


CACBT was pleased to congratulate:


CACBT-ACTCC 2015 Fellows:
Martin Antony, Colleen Carney, David Dozois, Michel Dugas, Adam Radomsky, Ingrid Söchting, Debbie Sookman and Maureen Whittal.

Jack Rachman Research PosterAward:
Eleanor Donegan (Concordia University and St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton) – Predictors of Symptom Change During a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program for Healthcare Workers

Keith Dobson Clinical Poster Award:
Jessica Senn (Concordia University) - A Cognitive Approach to Treating Compulsive Checking in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


We would like to say thank you to the Calgary Conference Committee and to our student volunteers for all of their hard work, our sponsors, and our outgoing Board members Naomi Koerner (Communications & Advocacy Chair), Gail Myhr (Membership Chair) and Martin Provencher (Past-President) who have worked extremely hard on your behalf.