2014 Halifax – 4th Annual Conference


CACBT-ACTCC hosted the 4th Annual Conference, which took place at Dalhousie Student Union in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 23-24, 2014.

This conference had workshops and speaker events showcasing advances in the science and practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. We were happy to have the following speakers present at this conference: Claudia Zayfert, Debra Dobson, David Clark, Nina Josefowitz, Margo Watt & Sherry Stewart.

The 2014 CACBT-ACTCC Conference was a remarkable success and was thoroughly appreciated by members who attended. CACBT-ACTCC thanks the presenters who put in time to prepare excellent workshops, panel discussions, and addresses. Thanks also goes out to the CACBT-ACTCC Board who spearheaded and supported this project, to the conference organizing committee, to the volunteers who ensured a smooth running of the conference, to all the CACBT-ACTCC members who attended this conference and to those who took the time to share such valuable feedback.