2016 Hamilton – 6th Annual Conference


CACBT-ACTCC hosted the 6th Annual Conference, which took place at Sheraton Hamilton Hotel in Hamilton, Ontario on May 5-7, 2016.

This conference was a resounding success! Our action- packed program included 8 workshops, 3 clinical and research symposia, 2 panel discussions, a keynote address, the annual General Meeting, as well as a bustling poster session featuring 58 posters. Approximately 300 people attended the conference – a record high! The pre- conference public panel discussion, “Getting Help for Mental Illness: Understanding the Obstacles” was also very well attended and received by stakeholders and members of the community. Dr. Randi McCabe chaired the Program Committee and Dr. Irena Milosevic chaired the Local Arrangements Committee.

Some of the speakers included: Martin Antony, Michel Dugas, Peter Bieling, Kim Edwards, Ingrid Söchting, Traci McFarlane, Kathryn Trottier, David A. Moscovitch, Susanna G. Reimer, Maya Gupta and Michael W. Best. The conference also included a Presidential Panel that consisted of: Randi McCabe, Deborah Dobson, Kerry Mothersill, and Pasquale Roberge.


CACBT was pleased to congratulate:



Alexander Chapman
Heather Hadjistovropoulos
Thomas Hadjistovropoulos
Trevor Hart
David Moscovitch


Jack Rachman Research Poster Award:

Hyound S. (Andrew) Kim (University of Calgary) - Longing for the Non-Addicted Self: Self- Discontinuity Increases Readiness to Change via Nostalgia


Keith Dobson Clinical Poster Award (tie):

Julie Hong (University of Toronto) - Exposure Treatment when Current Trauma Reactivates Childhood Trauma; and

Vanja Vidovic (University of Waterloo) - Phenomenology and Significance of Mental Imagery in Social Anxiety Disorder: A Study of the Waterloo Images and Memories Interview


Student Travel Awards


Hyoun S. (Andrew) Kim (University of Calgary) - Longing for the Non-Addicted Self: Self- Discontinuity Increases Readiness to Change via Nostalgia (poster submission); Andrew is also one of our poster award winners!); and
Jaclyn Ludmer (Ryerson University) - Factors that Impact the Effectiveness of Parent Management Training for Parents with Internalizing Symptoms (poster submission)


Thank you to the 2016 Conference Planning Committee
and volunteers, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the conference was well organized and enjoyed by all attendees. Thank you also to all conference presenters who provided stimulating content throughout, and to our sponsors whose support is greatly appreciated!