2011 Toronto – 1st Annual Conference


The First CACBT-ACTCC annual Conference took place at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario on May 6 -7, 2011. This conference offered 7 workshops, 59 clinical and research-focused poster presentations, the first Annual General Meeting, and social events.

Dr. Martin Antony chaired the Program Committee and Dr. Naomi Koerner chaired the Local Arrangements Committee. The conference program consisted of the following speakers: Adam Radomsky, Heather Hadjistavropoulos, Richard P. Swinson, Henny Westra, Keith Dobson, Roz Shafran, and Catherine M. Lee

We also had our Presidential Panel titled: Toward a More Acceptable Version of CBT for Anxiety Disorders: The Potential for Safety Behaviour Use in Treatment.

In summary, the 2011 CACBT-ACTCC Inaugural conference was a remarkable success and was thoroughly appreciated by members who attended. Thank you goes out to the presenters who took the time to lead half or full day workshops, to the CACBT-ACTCC Board who envisioned this opportunity, to the conference organizing committee who realized such fantastic work in a limited timeframe, to the volunteers who ensured a smooth running of the conference, and to all the CACBT-ACTCC members who attended this inaugural conference and to those who took the time to share valuable feedback.