About Membership

We invite you to become a member of CACBT-ACTCC - please read our INVITATION LETTER FOR YOU

If you are interested, please complete the applicable online form that follows. If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Chair - Jelani Adams.

New Members

The CACBT membership year runs every calendar year from January to December. New members can join at any time; however, depending on the date, there will be implications with respect to which membership year is applicable:

  • If you join between January 1 to November 14: Your membership will classify for the current year you signed up for (e.g. If you join March 2020, your membership runs until the end of 2020 calendar year).
  • If you join between November 15 and December 31: You will become a member for the following calendar year (e.g. If you join November 15, 2020, you will be officially considered a 2021 member).

Renewal Members

If you are an existing member and wish to renew your membership, payment is due by March 1, 11:59 EST in order to avoid late fees ($25.00 plus tax).

Note: The CACBT sends email reminders to current members about membership renewal deadlines. If you are not receiving our emails and wish to do so, please contact us at info@cacbt.ca.

Certified members

Certified members must be active members of CACBT-ACTCC; that is, their membership dues must be up-to-date.

Note: To maintain CACBT certification, individuals must pay their membership fees each year (due on March 1, 11:59 EST). Those who do not renew their membership and pay their annual membership fees (as well as any associated late fees) by June 1, 11:59 EST will lose their CACBT certification. Should they once again become members and want to be certified, they will need to undergo the certification process again.

Founding Members/Student Members

Those who registered by December 31, 2010 were recognized as "Founding Members" or "Founding Student Members" of CACBT-ACTCC. All memberships expire on December 31 of each year and renewal is required.

Membership Rates (2020)

  • Full Membership - $125 annually
  • Student Membership - $60 annually