Privacy Policy


POLICY: The Canadian Association for Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CACBT) values the privacy of our members and is committed to protecting their privacy.

PROCEDURES: The procedures below will be followed to protect member privacy.

  1. We will only collect information from members that we absolutely need (e.g., information in order to process a membership, communicate with our members and to understand the characteristics of our membership).
  2. When personal information is collected from members, such as name, postal or e-mail address or telephone number, we will keep this information private.
  3. The personal information provided will only be used for the purposes for which it is provided (e.g., to become a member, to provide members with information).
  4. No financial information will be collected directly by CACBT.
  5. Personal information will be stored in a secure location, and will only be accessible to appropriate staff and board members.
  6. We will not provide members’ e-mail addresses to third parties.
  7. A membership roster will be available in a members-only section.
  8. Members who want to have personal information shared under a “find a therapist directory” will first need to be approved by our credentialing committee and will have to indicate their willingness to share their information in the directory.
  9. Our website will not track personal information about visitors. We may, however, compile statistics that show the number of visitors to our site. We use “cookies” to collect information about use of our website. The information collected allows us to monitor how many people use our website and how long visitors stay on our site.
  10. Our website provides some links to other websites. If you go to these other websites, we are not responsible for the actions or policies of those sites.
  11. Our website is designed with several security features in order to protect the website from misuse, unauthorized access, loss, alteration or destruction. That noted, we realize that similar to other websites, security at times can be breached and we will move quickly to resolve any problems that occur.
  12. CACBT may make changes to our privacy policy at any time for any reason without prior notice. If we make changes we will post these changes on our webpage.


POLICY: The CACBT values information sharing among members and will operate a listserv (database of member e-mail addresses) for members to share ideas and information related to CBT following the rules and procedures.


  1. All members of CACBT will be part of the listserv.
  2. Members who do not want to be members of the listserv must make a request to CACBT to unsubscribe.
  3. CACBT has a moderator for the listserv, but does not check information for accuracy.
  4. CACBT strictly prohibits posting of certain information (see below).
  5. CACBT asks members to follow common listserv etiquette (see below).
  6. CABCT has the right to reproduce postings on the listserv.
  7. CACBT can remove any member from the listserv if 1) their membership has expired; or 2) they post prohibited information on the list.
  8. CACBT staff or board will not be held liable for information distributed on the listserve.

Prohibited on Listserv - The following information can not be posted on the list:

  1. Information intended to harm someone’s reputation (libel) or false information that damages another person (slander).
  2. Threatening, offensive, or illegal materials.
  3. Campaigning.
  4. Advertising professional services.
  5. Commercial messages.
  6. Material that is copyrighted without copyright owner permission to share.
  7. Discussion of personal pricing issues such as hourly fees.

Listserv Etiquette:

  1. Be professional and collegial in your communication, especially when voicing disagreement or offering constructive criticism.
  2. Be as brief as possible.
  3. Use informative "subject" lines.
  4. Show sensitivity for individual differences (e.g., cultural, ethnic issues).
  5. Use caution when discussing products.
  6. Ensure you maintain client confidentiality.
To Post:    Send messages to: CACBT-ACTCC@LISTES.ULAVAL.CA
To Unsubscribe:    Put " SIGNOFF CACBT-ACTCC " in your subject line and send this message to LISTSERV@LISTES.ULAVAL.CA
Questions to Moderator:    CACBT-ACTCC-request@LISTES.ULAVAL.CA
General or Administrative Questions:
Membership Questions: